Are you trying to get additional support and assistance for your development team? Or are you planning to create your own development competences in your company? Then this is the right place to get started. Especially smaller and medium companies are recognizing more and more, that having their own development and manufacturing competences helps to protect and strengthen their market position. On the other hand it must be said that this is a very difficult approach, that is causing extraordinary risks for a company. The two dominating aspects during the process of team forming and initial project bring up are cost and time, and of course, all the little things, you cannot take in account before starting the whole process.


I would like to provide my know-how to support you and to shorten the time for your company and your team to reach the point of success. Following topics can be provided:

  • Technical Consulting, with the main focus on electronic systems, digital cameras and video systems
  • Customer relationship and acquisition
  • Project management (from initial customer contact until last review at the end of a project)
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Supporting the team during concept finding, concept verification and realization of innovative product ideas
  • Team forming and coaching
  • Internal processes and workflows

I am looking forward to getting in contact with you. If you are interested, I am also available for a personal conversation.